Decaf Tea with Milk and Honey

Recently, I received some very valuable advice from a man named Ben Strong.

I met Ben through work. I was spending the day at the Coast Guard Battery Park Building and picking up a MacBook for my office. It was St. Patrick’s Day. I dressed in a theme which I would call “Old Country Irish” to celebrate the occasion. Little boots, tights, brown skirt, green blouse, and a bandana in my hair. I’m sure I looked like a girl who was down for a good time. Or, rather, the ghost of someone’s great, great grandma about to pull a loaf of hot soda bread out of the oven.

Ben immediately picked up on my quirky personality (the outfit probably gave him a clue) and after talking to him for a few minutes, he paid me one of the nicest compliments I’ve gotten. Ben said that I reminded him of Penelope Trunk – someone he knows personally from her time in NYC and I have only idolized from afar. Because Ben knows Penelope Trunk and because I have a knack for seeking out mentor-ship in writing, working, photography, fashion, life in general – you name it, I find someone to mentor me in it – I decided he would be a good person to go to for career advice. Not just because he’s a worldly, intelligent professional, but mainly because he is willing to hear me and talk to me.

I really believe that everyone I meet has something to offer. I believe in considering advice from anyone willing to give it (following it is a totally different story, but I always consider it….)

Ben gave me some solid advice. Which I intend to follow. Or try to follow. Or, share so my friends can publicly shame me if I don’t follow it after I said I would….

1. Back my blog posts up with research – this will establish me as the “dating expert.” (bahhhh who ever thought I would get a title like that!?) Once I am the expert, people might actually want to give me money for my opinions on things. I could take steps towards becoming a real, respectable journalist, vice the hack blogger I prance around as now. 

2. Don’t be afraid to throw something dirty into my blog.  Oh goodness. My mom reads my blog. My best friend’s mom reads my blog….can I really write about my half-a-night-stand? Ladies and gentlemen, I might be publishing some of my muck and dirty little secrets. I don’t have a lot of dirty secrets….but looks like I’ll have to come clean and be a little dirty.

3. Get a LinkedIn profile. Done….except, still working on it…I don’t think that’s the real pic I want on my professional profile….

4. Check out the “Marketing Over Coffee” Podcast. Aren’t Podcasts trendy? I’ll pour myself a cup and check it out at work tomorrow.

5. Sign up for HARO. Holy crap, he really thinks I could be a journalist?!

6. Take advantage of living near Boston and check out The Pulse Network on a weekend.  Road trip to BeanTown, anyone?

7.  Keep an eye on the Publicity Club of New York. Location.Location.Location.

8. Stalk the Denver Post. Figure out what they are doing. Figure out what they are NOT doing. Pitch myself to them. Be a journalist in Denver. Be the Dating Expert in Denver.

And finally….

9. Schedule. That’s all I wrote on the post it. I actually misspelled it and wrote “schedual” which doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense…..luckily, after a glass of Pinot Noir, I remembered what “schedual” is supposed to mean. Publish Blog entries on a regular schedule (or schedual). I decided I would write religiously every Sunday for a weekend-wrap-up and Thursday night. This is my first Sunday night post. I’m publishing it really late on Monday night. But I started writing it on Sunday night and then when I was looking for my bookmarked links, accidentally opened 4,389 tabs in my browser. My Mac froze up and I gave up and went to bed. Rebooting was not an option? I guess….I don’t know. Either way, first day on my schedual was a fail. But I’m really really going to try to publish Sunday and Thursday nights in addition to any other time I feel like it.

Essentially, I feel like Ben is telling me to start taking myself a little more seriously. Whoa.

Taking myself seriously isn’t my typical M.O. But, hey, you never know….

Oh, and since this (and every post henceforth) is supposed to feature flawlessly embedded advice, I found this advice on how to give someone good advice. What do you think?

And for my first token dirty statement, I can judge if a man is a good kisser or not by watching the way his lips form words when he talks. Doubt it? Just try me! I’m never wrong.


About ermodi

i like champagne and nachos. i watch people’s mouths move when they talk to me and judge if they are a good kisser i like to write with fine-tip Sharpies because i think it makes me look confident i bite my nails i think doing the dishes is a very lonely chore i think “autumn” is the prettiest word in the English language. i believe in love – or, at least something that resembles love, but i don’t trust this idea of forever.
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3 Responses to Decaf Tea with Milk and Honey

  1. I agree with this statement: “I really believe that everyone I meet has something to offer. I believe in considering advice from anyone willing to give it (following it is a totally different story, but I always consider it….)” so, I am considering Ben’s advice, as well 😉

    However, much of the advice on the “How to Give Advice” link is wrong, in my opinion — haha!

    Cute post and useful, too! thanks!

  2. Maureen – you’re a riot! But a very intelligent riot, I must add. So please take Ben’s advice seriously but do what your heart tells you – in the end, the best advice comes from within.

  3. Brownen says:

    Yea Denver!

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