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Dating Columnist Job Security

“It’s ok, the cow can’t really bite you, they don’t even have incisors on their upper jaw. They have a toothless dental pad, no canine teeth, and only chew on their back molars, so you would have to have your … Continue reading

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A Lone Wolf

This week is the start to a new semester. Summer Semester ended quicker than it began with last week’s exams and I’m ready for a fresh start. I spent quite a bit of time in August adjusting to a few … Continue reading

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Roommate Divorce!

It’s been a long day. I’ve spent hours reviewing anatomy and dragging my brain through the highlighted dredges of embryology lectures like it is a heavy boulder I’m pulling through mud, hoping that something will stick. And on top of … Continue reading

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Hungry Like The….Mouse?

I finally caved and bought Virgin Broadband internet. It wasn’t for quicker access to study materials and downloads….A benefactor recently brought me into their fold and I don’t want any delay to enjoying my new found access to True … Continue reading

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Let the Games Begin!

Revision week now draws to a close. My studies are more focused and my outfits more disheveled. At the start of the week, I took time to plan complimentary colors, textures and accessories. Mid week, I quit planning and started … Continue reading

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Breaking Radio Silence

Do you ever listen to your iPod and imagine all the artists are inside of it, just hanging out? When I imagine walking through my iPod, Cher and Pink are taking tequila shots together, totally ignoring Joan Jett who is … Continue reading

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Run For The Roses

Every once in awhile I feel like a Donkey amongst Thoroughbreds… It’s the Kentucky Derby. The crowd is wearing grand hats and drunk on mint juleps. The Thoroughbreds lift their heads and sniff the air, they’ve been training for this … Continue reading

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