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Crime Investigation Report: Missing Butter

28 August 2014 1036: I walked in the door and said hi to Huckleberry. He was napping on the sofa and was gracious enough to sit up and thump his tale in greeting. I hung up my purse and entered … Continue reading

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Surprise! There is no Bitch Spay

Jaunting across town last night, I merrily swung a bag of popcorn back and forth.¬†After a day of solid rain, the meadows were quiet and I savored the peaceful atmosphere in the midst of the wild Fringe festival. I was … Continue reading

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Short Notes on Turning 30

Before our first vet school exam, the teachers gave us some example questions to help direct our studies. One of the questions was, “Write short notes on the tongue.” I remember this exact question because I remember thinking, “Short notes? … Continue reading

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