Branford Patch Dating Column

Wanna hear the worst pick-up line ever? “I write a dating column.”

The second worst is, “I used to write a dating column.”

For some reason, no guy wants to date the “dating column” girl, or the dating column girl of yesteryear – Sex and the City lied to me! I thought every guy wanted to date that girl – if for no other reason than she’s a challenge. And, aren’t most guys about the “conquest” of it all? Apparently not. Maybe every guy just wanted to date Sarah Jessica Parker.

I considered my chronic lack of boyfriend “job security,” back when dating and writing about it for the Branford Patch was kinda my job. Now, I just consider it more baggage.

The Patch editor found me on Twitter. Initially, she wanted to interview me about an “unconventional” dating method I’d employed (speed dating). She was thinking of doing a feature story. Thirty minutes into the interview, she decided I was entertainingly crazy. Fifteen minutes later, she offered me my own column, provided I could write.

I immediately started on my introductory article.  I put myself through hell asking for feedback and copy edits. I was so scared. I wanted to be a writer.

Searching the Shoreline for Mr. Right was a success! Well, all my friends read it, anyway.

So, I kept writing. For a year, I was Branford’s own dating columnist – syndicated throughout the Connecticut Shoreline Patches.

I wrote 24 articles, each gleaning its own unique blend of love, hate, and condescension from my readers: Looking for Love in My Sunday best

Trending and Trendy Rejection

The Rules Were Meant to be Broken

Love Potion Number 529

Must Really, Really Love Dogs

On Your Mark, Get Set, Date!

Yours, Mine, and Ours….Sorta

Going After the Other Fish in the Sea

Do You Like Me? Check “Yes” or “No”

Hitting the Snooze Button on Crazy

Dating: When You Get What You Put Out

Getting Lucky, Really

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Seen at the Scene

The Young and The Restless

Tis The Season For Holidates

Breaking the Kissing Tradition

Love Story, Sorta

With This Ring, I Thee…What?

Leader of the Lonely Hearts Club

Contraceptive Chaos

Taking it Offline: Why I Quit Online Dating

And my final column, a break up letter to Connecticut: Moving and Moving On

My days of being a gainfully employed dating columnist may be over, but my days of holding down the singleton fort are far from over.

1 Response to Branford Patch Dating Column

  1. Pamela says:

    Awh, single with ya, girl. We’re alright in singleton 😉


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