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Short Notes on Turning 30

Before our first vet school exam, the teachers gave us some example questions to help direct our studies. One of the questions was, “Write short notes on the tongue.” I remember this exact question because I remember thinking, “Short notes? … Continue reading

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I Have To Pay 50 Pounds So I Don’t Get Deported

I’m on hold with the Edinburgh City Counsel. I’ll probably get this whole post written before anyone answers. But I’ll wait patiently as I need to pay a fine so I don’t end up in Scottish prison and Huckleberry doesn’t … Continue reading

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When Animals Attack: Petting Zoo Edition

As a new veterinary student with 12 weeks of Extramural Studies looming ahead in all my future holidays, setting up volunteer connections is quickly becoming my top priority. Well, almost. I’m currently fighting both wrinkles and pimples. Trying not to … Continue reading

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Commitment. Who just broke out in a cold sweat? Commitment. *Shiver* Yeah, it creeps me out too… obviously. #Single. Still, I think we all get to certain points in our lives when we have to answer a question with “yes” … Continue reading

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Eh, It Worked For Me

I’ve taken on a few difficult writing assignments in my day. Military awards, an awkward article about my experience speed dating, my Father’s eulogy – stuff that really is not easy to explain in words. Still, the most difficult writing … Continue reading

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Life Goals With A Twist

I’m back to blogging. Again. This time, my blog is taking an *unexpected* turn, one which I want to document in detail. I’m going to be 29 in a few months. While, by this point in our lives, many of … Continue reading

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Rage and Fear

I woke up a little after 8 on Sunday morning. By the time 9:30 rolled around, Huckleberry, my beagle, was ringing his bell insistently, his way of requesting to go outside and evacuate his bowels, or leisurely sniff around because … Continue reading

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Sorry Beatles, You Got It Wrong

A fellow blogger, someone I connected with from my my time working as a dating columnist in Connecticut, left an interesting comment on my last post. Ok to play devils advocate here for a moment, Maureen. I wouldn’t say “B.” … Continue reading

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Why He Hasn’t Called…

Every day, women ask their friends, girlfriends, cats, and sunken-eyed-red-nosed-disappointed selves “WHY HASN’T HE CALLED ME!?” There are millions of answers to this question – and yet, no answer that can make you feel anything but rejected, dejected and ugly….it … Continue reading

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Likes Me or Like Likes Me?

Although I’ve already explored the topic of how to tell if a man is in love with you, I have a feeling this is a general theme I’ll return to again and again. We are, if nothing else, doomed to … Continue reading

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