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I Award You No Points. Seriously. No Points.

There is a scene from Billy Madison that always comes to mind when I sit for an exam in vet school: We’re in the midst of our Animal Husbandry Welfare and Food Safety Exams. If you’ve been following my adventures … Continue reading

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Dating Columnist Job Security

“It’s ok, the cow can’t really bite you, they don’t even have incisors on their upper jaw. They have a toothless dental pad, no canine teeth, and only chew on their back molars, so you would have to have your … Continue reading

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Lend Me Your Lads!

… “Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean? Or Orlando Bloom as Legolas? It makes a difference,” Julie stipulated. “Seriously! Aragorn, Lord of the Rings – Google it,” Ni demanded. “What about Hugh Jackman?” Anne offered, trying to bring some … Continue reading

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You Get What You Pay For…

So, I think this PMS study is crap. Actually, I’d like to thank the Doctor who first came up with the diagnosis of “Premenstrual Syndrome.” Just take a minute and imagine what that moment was like for both doctor and … Continue reading

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A Little Too Connected….

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m back online. Which essentially means I have no excuse for not better keeping you in the loop of my Edinburgh adventures, aside from the nights when I’m studying the brachio-something-alis muscle and the like 1,000 different … Continue reading

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No Tears for Hong Kong

Well, I’m not sure exactly what I must have done in my past lives to cause so much travel heartache in this one, but I sure hope it was worth it!!! I’m at Bada’s house tonight where I can use … Continue reading

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Closure – Whatever That Means

Usually, I play it cool. This is so me not playing it cool. Continue reading

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The 1987 classic Moonstruck staring Cher and Nicolas Cage has got to be one of my all time favorite movies, mostly for scene in which Ronny Cammareri professes to Loretta: I love you. Not like they told you love is, … Continue reading

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The Year-Round Valentine

Last year, I attacked the misnomer of Valentine’s Day being called a “holiday” – I think I proved my point: it’s not a real holiday. This year, I walked the line between V-Day love, hate and indifference…. I tend not … Continue reading

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Little White Lie….

So, I saw this picture on Open Mind Yoga’s Facebook page this morning: The first four words that I saw were: “Sweet.” “Peaceful.” “Witty.” “Dependent.” “Dependent?” No way – I looked again to see if I missed the letters “i-n” … Continue reading

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