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I Have To Pay 50 Pounds So I Don’t Get Deported

I’m on hold with the Edinburgh City Counsel. I’ll probably get this whole post written before anyone answers. But I’ll wait patiently as I need to pay a fine so I don’t end up in Scottish prison and Huckleberry doesn’t … Continue reading

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You Get What You Pay For…

So, I think this PMS study is crap. Actually, I’d like to thank the Doctor who first came up with the diagnosis of “Premenstrual Syndrome.” Just take a minute and imagine what that moment was like for both doctor and … Continue reading

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A Time for Zen and a Time for Zin

I’ve always enjoyed yoga, but in the past 3 weeks, I’ve found a new motivation to roll my mat out and namaste my butt to the floor. His name is Reagan. Reagan might be the perfect man. He’s always like, … Continue reading

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Rage and Fear

I woke up a little after 8 on Sunday morning. By the time 9:30 rolled around, Huckleberry, my beagle, was ringing his bell insistently, his way of requesting to go outside and evacuate his bowels, or leisurely sniff around because … Continue reading

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Sorry Beatles, You Got It Wrong

A fellow blogger, someone I connected with from my my time working as a dating columnist in Connecticut, left an interesting comment on my last post. Ok to play devils advocate here for a moment, Maureen. I wouldn’t say “B.” … Continue reading

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Why He Hasn’t Called…

Every day, women ask their friends, girlfriends, cats, and sunken-eyed-red-nosed-disappointed selves “WHY HASN’T HE CALLED ME!?” There are millions of answers to this question – and yet, no answer that can make you feel anything but rejected, dejected and ugly….it … Continue reading

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A Little Less Sex In The City, A Little More Shrimp Lo Mein

Is there anything sexier than being a wildly single 20-something in a big city? It feels like the time in your life specifically designed to be gloriously available, to wear things that sparkle and show slivers of skin, to wear heels a little … Continue reading

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Loves Me….Loves Me Not?

I hate it when guys complain about girls sending them mixed signals. I hate it when I see my girlfriends agonizing over what he really meant when…. We spend so much time trying to interpret signals from the opposite sex, … Continue reading

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Baby Bird Boy

When I was 14, I took my dog for a walk after a hailstorm. Growing up in Colorado Springs, hail was common, but not something we took lightly.  I’ve seen ice rocks the size of softballs fall from the sky. … Continue reading

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Stranger Snap Judgment

I recently started working at an undisclosed workout facility in Denver. Even though I’ve only been there a few weeks, I’m already feeling right at home. This is probably because all the other girls who work the front desk with … Continue reading

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