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Oh Such Trials and Tribulations

Being a vet student isn’t easy. Pretty much my home life revolves around this corner of my flat, except, of course, when I decide to play it “fast and loose” and bring my studies to the sofa or….even the bedroom! … Continue reading

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Whoa There, Cupid!

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with the blog! Promise to try harder! Currently, I’m in a state of slight crisis (is this surprising to anyone?). Basically, here’s the storm of struggles in my life: 1. Spelling. I am trying … Continue reading

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Fat-Head and Twiggy

Two lambs came this morning; Fat-Head and Twiggy. Can you guess who was on the shallow side of the placenta? Fat-Head was stuck for a bit. It took two of us to actually pull him out, one on each front … Continue reading

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Initially, I was overwhelmed by the warm softness of it all. Even through two gloves, I was keenly aware of just how squishy everything felt.  Blindly moving my fingers through the warmth and the squish, I felt lost. Everything was … Continue reading

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I Have To Pay 50 Pounds So I Don’t Get Deported

I’m on hold with the Edinburgh City Counsel. I’ll probably get this whole post written before anyone answers. But I’ll wait patiently as I need to pay a fine so I don’t end up in Scottish prison and Huckleberry doesn’t … Continue reading

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It’s Called A WHAT?!

Just as I was curling up with my notes and a hot cup of tea tonight, I saw a shadow run across the kitchen floor. Thinking Harvey the mouse had returned with a peace offering (perhaps those delish Digestive cookies … Continue reading

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Dating Columnist Job Security

“It’s ok, the cow can’t really bite you, they don’t even have incisors on their upper jaw. They have a toothless dental pad, no canine teeth, and only chew on their back molars, so you would have to have your … Continue reading

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Roommate Divorce!

It’s been a long day. I’ve spent hours reviewing anatomy and dragging my brain through the highlighted dredges of embryology lectures like it is a heavy boulder I’m pulling through mud, hoping that something will stick. And on top of … Continue reading

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You Get What You Pay For…

So, I think this PMS study is crap. Actually, I’d like to thank the Doctor who first came up with the diagnosis of “Premenstrual Syndrome.” Just take a minute and imagine what that moment was like for both doctor and … Continue reading

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Taking Off The Mask

It didn’t take long for my blog to diverge from my chaste path of self-discovery to a smutty dating blog. Continue reading

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