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Short Notes on Turning 30

Before our first vet school exam, the teachers gave us some example questions to help direct our studies. One of the questions was, “Write short notes on the tongue.” I remember this exact question because I remember thinking, “Short notes? … Continue reading

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Wee Little Lambies, Day 3

“Eeee-easy, Mama. I know, I’m sorry, you’re ok. Almost done.” The words mumbled out of my mouth over and over again like a skipping record. The farmer laughed, possibly because of my uninterrupted repetitive monologue with the bleating ewe. Still, … Continue reading

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Wait, You Can’t Eat Lederhosen?!

So, I didn’t fall off the edge of the earth or run out of stranger-than-fiction true stories of my life to share with you, I just ran out of hours in the day. Literally. I think Scotland is down to … Continue reading

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A Lone Wolf

This week is the start to a new semester. Summer Semester ended quicker than it began with last week’s exams and I’m ready for a fresh start. I spent quite a bit of time in August adjusting to a few … Continue reading

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Hungry Like The….Mouse?

I finally caved and bought Virgin Broadband internet. It wasn’t for quicker access to study materials and downloads….A benefactor recently brought me into their dishanywhere.com fold and I don’t want any delay to enjoying my new found access to True … Continue reading

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When Animals Attack: Petting Zoo Edition

As a new veterinary student with 12 weeks of Extramural Studies looming ahead in all my future holidays, setting up volunteer connections is quickly becoming my top priority. Well, almost. I’m currently fighting both wrinkles and pimples. Trying not to … Continue reading

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Playing Around Arthur’s Seat

I woke up this morning knowing I had the whole day to relax and study. Since I was motivated, but in no rush, I made myself breakfast in bed. I drank my coffee black and made a mental note to … Continue reading

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Timeline of an International Move

July 27 2:30 p.m. MDT – I say a tearful goodbye to my mom and brother at the Colorado Springs Airport. I made them leave before I got into line at security so I had a chance at composing myself … Continue reading

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Lambing: The Re-Birth of All Good Feelings

“Then, you’ll get 4 weeks off at Easter time, but you’ll have to spend 2 of them lambing.” I sat mesmerized, stories flowing between the two friendly faces across the table, interrupted only by my questions or visible confusion at … Continue reading

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Whelmed…In the completely “over” sense of the word

Whew…. So good news: Huck doesn’t have cancer. His biopsy came back clean, with only signs of an ingrown hair. So that is fantastic. He was thrilled when I told him the good news: Guess he isn’t too happy that … Continue reading

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