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I had ONE job.

“I need you to put your hand right here and hold on.” “Hold on to the¬†penis?” “Yes.”   Errrr, maybe I should put this conversation into context before things go any further…. It was 2am and I was standing next … Continue reading

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I Award You No Points. Seriously. No Points.

There is a scene from Billy Madison that always comes to mind when I sit for an exam in vet school: We’re in the midst of our Animal Husbandry Welfare and Food Safety Exams. If you’ve been following my adventures … Continue reading

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Initially, I was overwhelmed by the warm softness of it all. Even through two gloves, I was keenly aware of just how squishy everything felt.¬† Blindly moving my fingers through the warmth and the squish, I felt lost. Everything was … Continue reading

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