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Here’s To You, Mrs. Robinson

Once, in a moment of passionate disgust, I threw my hands into the air and declared, “THE NEXT TIME I DATE A GUY IN HIS 20’s, I’D BETTER BE WELL INTO MY 40’s!” I’ve drawn this line in this sand … Continue reading

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A Time for Zen and a Time for Zin

I’ve always enjoyed yoga, but in the past 3 weeks, I’ve found a new motivation to roll my mat out and namaste my butt to the floor. His name is Reagan. Reagan might be the perfect man. He’s always like, … Continue reading

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Does This Sedan Make Me Look Old?

I always thought my middle school years were destined to be the most awkward of my life. Oy vey, ages 11-13. The golden years, when my feet and arms were fully grown, but my neck and torso were not. When … Continue reading

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