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Likes Me or Like Likes Me?

Although I’ve already explored the topic of how to tell if a man is in love with you, I have a feeling this is a general theme I’ll return to again and again. We are, if nothing else, doomed to … Continue reading

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I Don’t Buy Single Ply Toilet Paper and Other Quality of Life Issues

I don’t buy single ply toilet paper. I buy the cushioned stuff with cherubs and fluffy teddy bears and puppies on the package. I know I could save money by purchasing low-grade T.P. or even snagging a roll from work every few weeks, but I … Continue reading

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A Little Less Sex In The City, A Little More Shrimp Lo Mein

Is there anything sexier than being a wildly single 20-something in a big city? It feels like the time in your life specifically designed to be gloriously available, to wear things that sparkle and show slivers of skin, to wear heels a little … Continue reading

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Loves Me….Loves Me Not?

I hate it when guys complain about girls sending them mixed signals. I hate it when I see my girlfriends agonizing over what he really meant when…. We spend so much time trying to interpret signals from the opposite sex, … Continue reading

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Baby Bird Boy

When I was 14, I took my dog for a walk after a hailstorm. Growing up in Colorado Springs, hail was common, but not something we took lightly.  I’ve seen ice rocks the size of softballs fall from the sky. … Continue reading

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