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Public Service Announcement – Dating

Just because I am physically capable of opening my own door, doesn’t mean I should ever have to do so. Continue reading

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Advice From a Crazy’s Sofa: Mothers

But, even with all the repressed emotional garbage of our relationship, my mom and I can have a good time, and this is why: Continue reading

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Man-Repelling: The Conclusion

Whew, after getting all those pics on my earlier post, I accidentally cut out the conclusion. Lindsay, thanks for pointing out that I owe everyone the results!!!! Well, Man-Repelling at the museum on a Saturday is quite difficult – probably … Continue reading

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V-Day:Not a Holiday

I don’t hate love. As a matter of fact, I’m a total sucker for it. You just have to suck me in first (and that’s the challenging part, my dears). Continue reading

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Spinning My Father’s Records: A Brief History

My father had this awesomely impressive record collection. He was a true music junkie. I begged for him to give me his record collection. He said it would be mine when I graduated high school. I graduated with honors. He said he would give me his records when I graduated from college. I shook hands with the President of the United States as I claimed my diploma. He said I would only get the records over his dead body. Continue reading

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Where I Am – 2/8/2011

Why not seek a spiritual companion, rather than sit in the corner of a coffee shop, nose in a book of NYT Crosswords, and wait for Mr. Tall/Dark/Handsome to hand me a triple-shot white chocolate Americano and ask permission to engage me in stimulating conversation about life, love, God and truth? Continue reading

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In The Beginning

1. I am not America’s Next Top Model. Some days, I can’t find my hairbrush. So I go without brushing my hair. This was one of those days. Continue reading

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