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Vet School Flunkie

I may have just failed vet school today. Seriously. But let me start at the beginning… I love horses. I think they are majestic, beautiful creatures with really freaking weird skeletal structure. And, aside from the way they remind me … Continue reading

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Lend Me Your Lads!

… “Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean? Or Orlando Bloom as Legolas? It makes a difference,” Julie stipulated. “Seriously! Aragorn, Lord of the Rings – Google it,” Ni demanded. “What about Hugh Jackman?” Anne offered, trying to bring some … Continue reading

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When Animals Attack: Petting Zoo Edition

As a new veterinary student with 12 weeks of Extramural Studies looming ahead in all my future holidays, setting up volunteer connections is quickly becoming my top priority. Well, almost. I’m currently fighting both wrinkles and pimples. Trying not to … Continue reading

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Hot and Heavy on the Bus

Today was brilliant. For a Thursday. Our professors are constantly cracking jokes, a striking difference from my undergraduate experience at MILITARY SCHOOL. In our Animal Wellness Health and something else important class, we had a lecture on basic canine husbandry … Continue reading

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You Get What You Pay For…

So, I think this PMS study is crap. Actually, I’d like to thank the Doctor who first came up with the diagnosis of “Premenstrual Syndrome.” Just take a minute and imagine what that moment was like for both doctor and … Continue reading

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Playing Around Arthur’s Seat

I woke up this morning knowing I had the whole day to relax and study. Since I was motivated, but in no rush, I made myself breakfast in bed. I drank my coffee black and made a mental note to … Continue reading

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A Little Too Connected….

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m back online. Which essentially means I have no excuse for not better keeping you in the loop of my Edinburgh adventures, aside from the nights when I’m studying the brachio-something-alis muscle and the like 1,000 different … Continue reading

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A Bit of a Wierdo, I’m Afraid

Sunday marked the one week anniversary of my arrival in Edinburgh. Since I am just starting my love affair with this city, anniversaries will be celebrated with fine wine every few weeks/months. By year 4, I expect to be forgetting … Continue reading

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