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It Just Gets Different

Was it April 28th or April 29th? I signed all the forms. I had the date carved in stone. Why can’t I remember? Who forgets the day their father died? I woke up this morning thinking of my Dad, and … Continue reading

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I Award You No Points. Seriously. No Points.

There is a scene from Billy Madison that always comes to mind when I sit for an exam in vet school: We’re in the midst of our Animal Husbandry Welfare and Food Safety Exams. If you’ve been following my adventures … Continue reading

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Just Us Barnyard Rejects Here….

Some people make farm stuff look easy. They hop over a gate effortlessly or toss a pitchfork full of straw across the barn like they are gently lobbing a wiffle ball (linked here as it was brought to my attention … Continue reading

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Fat-Head and Twiggy

Two lambs came this morning; Fat-Head and Twiggy. Can you guess who was on the shallow side of the placenta? Fat-Head was stuck for a bit. It took two of us to actually pull him out, one on each front … Continue reading

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Wee Little Lambies, Day 3

“Eeee-easy, Mama. I know, I’m sorry, you’re ok. Almost done.” The words mumbled out of my mouth over and over again like a skipping record. The farmer laughed, possibly because of my uninterrupted repetitive monologue with the bleating ewe. Still, … Continue reading

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